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Lee Hyukjae's Online Dating Adventure

Title: Lee Hyukjae's Online Dating Adventure
Main Characters: Eunhyuk, Donghae
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae
Genre: Romance, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None~
Summary:  After his unsuccessful blind date with Sungmin Eunhyuk caves and creates an account on an online dating website. Let his Online Dating Adventure begin.
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A/N: Hey everyone. I am SOOOO SORRRYYYYYYY. I promised this like, two months ago... Yeah.... >>; Um.... Yeah. -hides-

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I'm not sure how I feel about this, cause I have no clue what I wrote, but it's two in the morning and I was in a 'what the hell' mood. So, thanks for reading guys~ Enjoy!!!! :D


Lee Hyukjae’s Online Dating Adventure:

Eunhyuk caved.

After his less than successful date with his old best friend, Sungmin, he had come home in a depressed slump and plopped himself down on the couch. He took a glance around, taking in the mounds of clothing on the floor and dirty dishes everywhere, and sighed. His roommate hadn’t cleaned up. Again.

Then his eyes locked on the computer sitting on a table in the corner of the room.

Don’t do it, Hyukjae, Eunhyuk told himself, tearing his eyes away from the computer. Watch TV, it’ll distract you.

Watching TV worked, at least for the first thirty minutes. After that it seemed like his computer had grown three heads and a tail and was speaking to him in English and Eunhyuk just couldn’t look away.

So after an hour and a half of hopeless ignoring Eunhyuk found himself sitting at his computer, registering for an online dating site.

He could just hear his roommate’s voice in the back of his mind, saying “Finally!”

For the past year or so, but which felt like forever to Eunhyuk, his roommate had been bugging him into creating an account on an online dating website because he claimed at this rate Eunhyuk was going to become a, “lonely cat man who would end up alone for the rest of his life.”

Eunhyuk begged to differ. He didn’t even own a cat.

Okay, he had a dog, but that’s a completely different story.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!!” Eunhyuk groaned as he finished filling out the rest of his information. After pressing the ‘register’ button he dropped his head onto his keyboard.

“It’s official. I’m an idiot.”

Eunhyuk was still wallowing in self pity on how his love life sucked so bad that it resorted to this that he didn’t hear the door unlocking and someone coming inside.


Eunhyuk nearly jumped out the window in surprise when his roommate burst through the doors. “D-Donghae!” He said in surprise as he did the first thing that came to mind.

He pulled the wires out of the computer.

“Hyukkie, what are you doing holding the computer wire?” Donghae asked curiously as he stared at the wires hanging in Eunhyuk’s hand.

“Ah… Cleaning?”

Donghae stared blankly at him for a few minutes before shrugging and going to drop off his bags.

Meanwhile Eunhyuk attempted to fix the computer, finding that he had no clue which wire went where. “So, ah, Hae, how was your date?” Eunhyuk asked as he started putting wires randomly into slots and then trying to see if the computer turned on.

“It was AWESOME Hyukkie!” Donghae said as he burst back into the room, tackling Eunhyuk and nearly throwing him to the ground.

After Donghae’s also unsuccessful date with Sungmin, Sungmin had been nice enough to set Donghae up with Siwon, who was supposedly a friend of his. Siwon had called up the day before and asked to see if Donghae would want to catch a movie with him tomorrow.

“What’d you do?” Eunhyuk asked, ignoring Donghae practically hanging off his arm. Satisfied with the way the wires were put he attempted to turn on the computer and smiled when it turned back to life.

Eunhyuk relaxed in the chair, listening to Donghae go on and on about how he had had so much fun watching Nemo for the umpteenth time and that he really, really, really wanted to go to an aquarium sometime.

“Maybe Siwon’ll bring me,” Donghae wondered out loud from his position upside down on the couch.

“Hae!” Eunhyuk said, sounding insulted. “You know only I, Lee Hyukjae, am allowed to bring you, Lee Donghae, to an aquarium!”

Donghae laughed and chucked a fish pillow at his roommate, murmuring something that sounded like, “possessive”.

“You know it,” Eunhyuk said with a grin before throwing the pillow back at him.

Eunhyuk woke up in his bed with a very sore spot on his back. He stood up and hobbled to the bathroom, barely awake. He pulled up his shirt and winced when he saw the bruise that had formed over night.

“Damn you, Donghae!” He mumbled.

The night before their throwing of pillows had escalated into a full fledge pillow fight and after Donghae had gone crazy and somehow managed to whack Eunhyuk with three pillows at once, Eunhyuk had fallen backwards and ended up stabbing himself on the corner of the computer table.

“Ow,” Eunhyuk mumbled as he poked it before pulling his shirt down and walking into the living room.

“Evil,” he said as he stared at the computer table for a few moments before sitting down to surf the web.

It was only when he was in the middle of checking the internet that he remembered his online dating account. He was sure that he didn’t have any responses, but he still needed to change his status.

After he logged in he was surprised at the large exclamation point in the upper corner of the page. “Hmm,” he said curiously as he clicked on it. He was brought to a page where there was a small chubby angel was holding onto a piece of paper.

“I think you’re cute, we should meet up~!”

Eunhyuk couldn’t believe it. Someone was interested in him in less than a day? “Damn, this thing is pretty good,” he mumbled. When he clicked on the profile there wasn’t any pictures but it showed the person really liked fish and his favorite movie was Finding Nemo.

Deciding to reply back he quickly typed in a message. “Thanks~ my name’s Eunhyuk. What’s yours?”

The reply was almost instantaneous. “Just call me Fishy~!”

Slightly creeped out at his sudden interest Eunhyuk replied back cautiously, taking his time. “Um, alright. Soooo… What’s your favorite color?”

And that began Eunhyuk’s adventure into online dating.

Eunhyuk spent the rest of the day communicating back and forth with ‘Fishy’, who turned out to be pretty normal. Even though he was obsessed with anything fish or water related, he was cute and hyper and seemed like a nice guy. Over the next few days they had advanced to exchanging phone numbers and Eunhyuk found himself constantly texting the other man. He was easy to talk to.

“You know, I think we should hang out.” Fishy texted him one day while Eunhyuk was at home eating lunch.

“We are hanging out,” Eunhyuk replied, smiling.

“I mean in real life, silly~”

Eunhyuk thought about it. It didn’t seem like a bad idea. He liked Fishy and the guy seemed like a nice person, and anyway, those dating sites were screened before hand, right? Hopefully he wasn’t a stalker or anything.

“Yeah, that sounds like fun,” Eunhyuk finally texted back. Anyway, if he did end up as a creepy stalker guy he could just walk away before he ever knew.

“YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~!!!!!!!!! How about at the aquarium tonight at six?” Eunhyuk laughed at his overuse of Y’s and exclamation marks.

“Sound’s good~” Eunhyuk replied with a smile.

Donghae came back a few hours later with Chinese for both of them and they pigged out during dinner. Feeling guilty about his trip later, Eunhyuk made sure to let Donghae have the extra dumpling.

“Hae, I’m going out tonight,” Eunhyuk said quietly, playing with his food.

“Rwrli? Whur oo ooin?”

“Hae, chew,” Eunhyuk said, amused at his friend’s stuffed mouth.

Donghae chewed and swallowed before repeating himself. “Where you goin’?”

Eunhyuk scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “Ahh, just going to hang out with a few of my friends.”

Donghae seemed to accept the lie though and he nodded. “Kay~” Donghae’s acceptance didn’t make the guilt any easier though.

Only an hour before Eunhyuk had to leave for his ‘date’ he was already having a dilemma. Clothes, necessary only if you didn’t want to get arrested for public nudity.

He knew if he wore something really nice Donghae would give him weird looks and ask him why he was getting dressed up when he was only going to see friends.

But if he wore his usual sweat pants and hoodie he’d look like a lazy idiot.

With only fifteen minutes to spare Eunhyuk ran out of his bedroom, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt (because his friend’s eeny, meeny, miny and moe had chosen the outfit), grabbed his keys and made a beeline for the door.

“Bye Hae!” He yelled. Later on he’d question why there had been no response.

The drive had been uneventful except for when he had made a wrong turn and been forced to make an illegal u-turn so he would make it there on time.

“Finally,” Eunhyuk said as he pulled into the parking lot of the aquarium and parked his car. Jumping out he walked inside, hoping he had beat Fishy. He wanted to scope out the man before they met.

It seemed luck was on his side because their meeting place, the clown fish exhibit, was empty.

“Alright!” He said to himself as he jumped behind a pillar. If he crouched down just right and made sure not to move too much, he would never be seen. “Perfect.” Now he just had to wait.

After five minutes of waiting, because apparently Fishy was late, Eunhyuk decided to text him because crouching down was doing bad things to his back and he had lost the feeling of his legs.

“Hey, where are you?” He texted, frowning as he attempted to change his position without disclosing his secret hiding spot.

“Right behind you.”

There was a pause in which Eunhyuk stared at his phone wondering when it learned to talk when he realized his phone wasn’t that smart and that the voice had come from behind him.

And it was quite familiar.

Eunhyuk turned around to come face to face with Donghae who was grinning down at him.

“… Donghae?”

It was then that the world whacked Eunhyuk upside the head and suddenly everything made sense. Eunhyuk gaped up at his roommate looking quite like a fish himself. “… YOU’RE FISHY?”

Donghae grinned happily, giving Eunhyuk a thumbs up.” The one and only!”

Eunhyuk continued to gape at him, his mouth wide open as he grasped for words just out of reach. “Wait… What?!”

Donghae smiled and knelt down next to him, leaning close, their faces almost touching. “Silly monkey,” he teased before leaning in and capturing Hyukjae’s lips.

And Lee Hyukjae’s online dating adventure ended with a kiss.


(A/N: Thanks for reading guys, I am so exhausted T____T;
Anyway, please support my fics! :D

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