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The Nerd

Everything’s Not Always as it Seems

Title: The Nerd
Characters: SMtown, Yonghwa, Nichkhun, Nari
Pairings: Various
Genre: Romance, angst, AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swear words, alcohol and drug use, gender switch
Summary: The students at SM High are stuck in rigid stereotypes that no one dares to cross. But soon they begin to learn that the image on the outside doesn’t always show the real picture on the inside. Barriers are broken, forbidden relationships formed, secrets revealed and hidden feelings are pulled to the surface. It’s only a matter of time before someone breaks.
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A/N: Hello everyone! :D Say hello to my new fic! It's not a chaptered fic, but instead it's like a bunch of one-shots all in the same universe. I wanted to try something more serious so I hope you guys like it! I will only post under it if I have any inspiration, so feel free to send me some, haha~


The Nerd:

Kyuhyun yawned.

The digital clock read 1:36AM and stood out annoyingly in the dim lit room like a huge blinking sign saying ‘go to sleep’ in capital letters with too many exclamation points. Yet the boy sitting at his desk knew that because he’d been gaming the whole day he hadn’t had his chance to finish his homework and would need to stay up at least another half hour to finish it.

So with one hand flipping through his physics textbook and the other constantly clicking a mouse and switching to type on a keyboard he successfully finished his physics homework while at the same time defeating enemies in StarCraft. And in record time too.

A win-win situation for Cho Kyuhyun.

After stuffing his textbook under his bed and then lovingly shutting his computer off, he wandered toward his bed and fell unceremoniously onto it, immediately shuffling under the blankets like a hermit.

He glanced at the clock as he went to turn the light off, frowning at the large 2 glaring at him. He glared back and shut the light off, turning onto his back to stare at the ceiling.

“Another day,” Kyuhyun said with a sigh before closing his eyes and falling into the dream world.

Tags: chaptered, fic: everything's not always as it seems, kyuhyun, smtown, universe: sm high
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